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Grace & James get hitched!

Couple: Grace & James

Cake: Back Inn Time Bed & Breakfast

While retouching this wedding I listened/watched: Up & Vanished, The Office and Stranger Things


I know the last month has been WILD and I know that I am probably not alone in welcoming any and all distractions from all things COVID. This wedding brought me so much joy last June, so it would just be selfish of me not to share it!

Grace and James are two of the happiest, kindest souls that I have ever met. I've actually known Grace my entire life (not exaggerating, she was at my mom's daycare before I was born) and she has just always been incredibly sweet. So, perhaps I'm biased because my family has so much love for her, but I really loved this wedding!! I have a very clear (albeit weird) memory of my grandmother talking about Grace saying, "that girl is going to be such a beautiful bride one day!" Grace was maybe 8 at the time, so it was weird, BUT she wasn't wrong! Grace was GLOW.ING all day! It was actually impossible for anyone to look at Grace and James without smiling because their joy was radiating around us all.

When I first arrived for some getting ready photos I noticed three bumblebees on the bedside table.

(You read that right. There were bees!) Grace said she found them on the floor when she woke up and we agreed that it HAD to be a sign of good luck! I love bees, so I had to include them in the detail photos. I also love anything nontraditional, which is why I am a sucker for a first look. And this first look was inside the beautiful parlor of the inn so it was extra fun for me.

If you've worked with me before, then you know I make you do some different prompts during photos. One of my favorites is to have a couple "bump hips" as they're walking. I was not prepared for how committed these two were for following directions and they did not disappoint! These might be my favorite "bump hip" photos of all time!

I could have easily shared all of their photos because it was an incredible experience and I'm so honored to have been a part of their day, but for now I will just share my favorites! Enjoy!



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