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How do you start a blog?! An awkward introduction

I am NOT a writer. I don't speak poetically or have beautiful quotes on deck and waiting in my brain. I am a basic-ass mom that probably swears too much and can only quote The Office. So needless to say, I have no blog experience. But I am sooooo bad at sharing my work from each session and wedding. Which seems kind of silly since that's pretty much what my job is. I get so wrapped up in current projects that I tend to move on before sharing my favorite images from each session. And that brings us here: to this awkward blog. This blog will be a home for all the beautiful sessions that never get shared. A place to properly honor the families that allow me to do document their love. Lots of photos, some words, and a few references that probably only I will get.

So here we go! A blog. We're blogging!



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