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Kathryn & Tyler

Couple: Kathryn & Tyler

Second Photographer: Diego Correal

Makeup Artist: Hillary Fay

While retouching this wedding I listened/watched: Shrill by Lindy West, Gilmore Girls, The Ted Bundy Tapes


I freaking LOVE this couple. They have the most contagious laughs and they were so silly and sweet and just the cutest ever. I have known Kathryn for a long long time (thank you, tiny Winooski) but I hadn't seen her in years. So when we got to her family's property for their engagement photos and they asked if we could take some photos with the cows I knew these were my kind of people. I'll share the cow photos at the bottom because it was the best day ever.

After what seemed like endless rain leading up to their wedding, the day was absolutely perfect! After the ceremony they did a butterfly release with their families and it was soooo cool! (Did you know for a butterfly release the butterflies arrive PARTIALLY FROZEN so they stay dormant in the little envelopes and then you let them thaw until you can hear them SCRATCHING signaling they're ready to go?! Because I did not and it blew my forking mind.) Diego and I were even able to release a few ourselves after the portraits were done. It's really hard to not sound cliche when the couple made the day seem like a romantic comedy, but it was the sweetest day. Their wedding was just so much fun to be a part of!

And as promised: sweet baby cow photos


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