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Location, Location, Location

Here are my top 10 locations that work well year-round! Of course if none of these locations are close to what you had in mind, we can absolutely take a look at some other ones! Be sure to scroll through each of the locations gallery to see different images from each spot!

Shelburne Bay Boat Launch - Shelburne

This location is my favorite lake-front spot! With a little stone beach, rocks that go out over the water, a field with wildflowers and tall grass, and a dock there are so many great options for photos!

Things to know: pet-friendly, best for an hour before sunset, parking lot does get moderately busy with the boat launch.


Ethan Allen Homestead - Burlington

This location is a really great alternative to Shelburne Farms because there are no restrictions for photographers and there are tons of great options for photos. There is a path that goes along a wooden fence, a small apple orchard, lots of gardens and a great field with tall grass that has a section mowed down the middle for easy access!

Things to know: Dogs are allowed but must be leashed, it is usually empty, it can be on the buggier side in the summer. This spot is great both in the morning and at sunset.


River Cove Road/ Muddy Brook Park - Essex/South Burlington

These two locations are located right down the road from each other so I like to use both of them. Muddy Brook Park is a cute little area that runs along the Winooski River. There are trails that go into the woods but they aren't great for sessions so we stick to the mowed areas. Further down the road is a very narrow path through these amazing lush ferns.

Things to know: The wooded area is only about 6 feet from the road, so it is very easy to access. Both of these locations are definitely buggy, so bringing bug spray is recommended. This location is best at sunset.


River Walk - Winooski

This is a great location if you are wanting something with more of a "city" feel. With the buildings along the river it is one of the more populated areas that I use for photos. The riverwalk goes from the falls back to the woods and there are lots of areas that work well for photos along the way. At the end of the walk there is a dirt path that goes into the woods and leads to a cool little beach.

Things to know: Pet friendly if dogs are leashed, can be moderately busy. This location is best at sunset.


Lake Iroquois Boat Launch - Hinesburg

Lake Iroquois is a great lake location because it isn't as busy as the beaches in the Burlington area and there are lots of scenic areas for photos.

Things to know: Pet friendly if dogs are leashed, the tall grass isn't mowed at all so if you are concerned about ticks this is not the spot for you. This spot is best in the morning and at sunset.


White's Beach/ Apple Island - South Hero

White's Beach is such a fun place! The beach is beautiful and not nearly as busy as Burlington's beaches. There are also hundreds and hundreds of beautiful brightly colored bird houses in the trees across the street from the beach. Apple Island is a spot I like to use in addition to the beach just to add some variety! This spot is right across from the Apple Island campground.

Things to know: Dogs are unfortunately not allowed at White's Beach but they are allowed at the spot across from Apple Island. There is also lots of tall grass at Apple Island that I will most likely ask you to sit in. These locations are best at sunset. Apple Island is also incredible at sunrise.


Charlotte Beach - Charlotte

This beach is so beautiful all year! In the Spring it can be tricky if the lake is high, but when it's low it provides some really great options for photos. There is also a covered bridge right next to the beach that is fun for photos.

Things to know: This beach does not allow dogs and there is an admission for non-residents of $10 for non-Charlotte residents in the summer. But it's worth it for the stunning views. This location is best at sunset.


Wheeler House/ South Burlington Community Gardens - South Burlington

Who doesn't love a big beautiful flower garden in the summer?? I love this spot because it is VERY kid-friendly! There are sand boxes and a cool tree house that kids really love. There is also a very cool little tunnel made out of branches. On clear days you can see the mountains behind the gardens too.

Things to know: Dogs are allowed if they are leashed. This location can tend to be on the busier side because it is a community garden. This location is great in the morning and at sunset.


Delta Park - Colchester

This is a new spot to me and I really love it! It is a great beach that is never busy and has some beautiful areas for photos.

Things to know: Dogs are allowed. I call this one the early riser beach because this spot really only works for early morning (before 9am) because it allows for beautiful light without making anyone squint. After 9:00 it gets too bright and is in direct sun almost all day.


UVM Campus - Burlington

This is one of my favorite places for senior photos because there are so many gorgeous buildings to use! It's a little bit more walking than most locations so if you've got a little one with a shorter attention span for photos this might not be the place for you. But there are tons of areas that are great for photos.

Things to know: This location allows dogs if they remain leashed. When school is in session it can definitely be on the busy side. This location is best at sunset.


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